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Hier finden Sie eine Übersicht unseres Lehrangebotes und Kurzbeschreibung der angebotenen Module.


Changemakers and Social Entrepreneurs

The module "Changemakers and Social Entrepreneurs" is offered in the winter semester (October - January). It allows students to plan their own change project. Projects are planned in teams of 2-4 students. Each team develops a detailed concept for a six months project which can be implemented in the summer term in the Kiel region.


Sustainability Communication and Marketing

This course aims at looking at using communications as a tool for social change. It compromises both a theoretical part looking at different perspectives from communications theory and a practical part, where different steps and tools, which are key in building a campaign strategy will be explored. As the course is about strategies of campaigning and communications, we will be looking at how different tactics are used in different campaigns, identifying the differences between adequacy and empowerment marketing and also exploring what underlying principles, such as values and framing need to be considered.


Introduction to Video Production (MNF-Geogr.-204/S014)

Students will be familiar with the use of video in communication campaigns,particularly in organisations dedicated to sustainable development, social change and protection of the environment.They will have gained practical experience in the production of short factual video films.
Practical exercises introduce students to the production of short factual video films, including story and project development, camera, sound, editing and postproduction in the media lab. Small teams of students produce factual videos of 5 minutes duration.